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(Vol. 3 No. 1 & 2 Jan-June, 2007)

Ahimsa Alone can Save Humanity from Impending Disaster

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Every right thinking person of the world today is deeply concerned about the future of humanity. I still remember how jubilant we were when the two millennia of the civilization that history recognizes came to an end and we entered the third millennium. A wave of joy swept the globe and most editorials of the world’s leading newspapers had predicted that the new millennium would usher in an era of peace and happiness. It was natural for the people who had suffered the ravages of war and hatred during the preceding century to hope for better days ahead. The last century of the second millennium witnessed two world wars and hundreds of regional wars. It saw the first nuclear holocaust in 1945 which killed three million people, maimed thousands and afflicted a large number of survivors with most painful and fatal diseases. Though the catastrophe shook the world and even resulted in the birth of the United Nations Organization (UNO), wars didn’t cease. More than one hundred thirty wars have been fought in different parts of the world even after the nuclear holocaust and the advent of the UN.
              The wars only reveal the ghastly spectacle of physical violence but the enormity of suffering that follows their aftermath cannot be imagined. Humanity today is plagued by a plethora of problems. The most perilous of them all is the problem of hunger and poverty, followed by the pangs of ecological and environmental degradation, pollution, exploitation, corruption, climate change and the dreaded diseases like cancer and AIDS. The joy that emanated from our march into the third millennium vanished as the world stood aghast at the horrifying sight of the wanton destruction of the twin towers by terrorists in New York on September 9, 2001 killing three thousand innocent lives on the spot. Its devastating consequences in the form of the avoidable Iraq and Afghanistan wars only added to our woes. One thing is clear. The disaster that is closing in on us all is compounded by man’s unbridled lifestyle and his reluctance to part with comforts. If he continues to behave irresponsibily and keeps his eyes shut to the dark realities, his actions may lead to the annihilation of the ecosystem that sustains humanity. The recent study carried out by the British Defence Ministry to assess the threat to its security after 2035 further confirms our apprehension. It predicts population explosion in the Middle East, decrease in the European population, and mobilization of gangs by criminals and terrorists who will unleash attacks on innocent people in all parts of the world. In brief man’s propensity for crime will increase manifold. It states that in a span of just three decades from now a new generation wedded to a cult of hatred and violence will emerge. The neutron weapons which target only the living creatures and the electro-magnetic equipment which can destroy communication systems will be easily available everywhere. The report paints the gloomiest future for humanity. It is an eye opener for the socio-political leadership. Global warming has already made its impact felt. Glaciers are melting. The swelling seas may devour many island nations.
                    The only way to prevent the advent of such a violent society is to launch a worldwide initiative to impart training in nonviolence to children, youths and adults. It is high time we turned our attention to the question of violence, including verbal and emotional violence and to that of a plan to expose people to a culture of peace and nonviolence. Acharya Mahapragya’s Anuvrat Movement and his Ahimsa Yatra are the most effective tools of social change. We invite people who share our concern to join hands with us and be instrumental in stemming the tide of violence. The timely actions can still ward off ecological and social collapse.
                                   It is a matter of great joy to place this issue of Anuvibha Reporter in the hands of our readers. I have made the sincerest effort to acquaint them with the latest trends in ecological and spiritual thinking. I hope the articles and features included in it will provide them with new insights to combat the challenge    -                          Dr. S. L. Gandhi


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