Anuvrat Balodaya
Children's Training Camps
The Balodaya Programme in itself is a distinctive and unique programme. It helps the child to know his potential and plan his future activities. To achieve this objective, various activities have been organized at the Global Peace Palace in keeping with the interests of the child, in which it takes part with a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment and receives knowledge and guidance in such a natural way as it is not possible in a school or at home.
For an enduring association with Balodaya Programme, schools willing to join are encouraged to become members of the organization. Anuvibha constantly keeps in touch with the member schools. Efforts are made to acquaint the school administration, teachers and students with the Balodaya Programme through exchange of literature and correspondence. This introduction is very important for students preparing to participate in a Balodaya camp. It is mainly the students from member schools who participate in Balodaya Camps. Because of the prior acquaintance with it, Children are able to make the best of their stay in the camp. Besides, the regular contact with Anuvibha starts the process of a positive change in the environment of the school.
When a group of students arrives for participation in a camp our first endeavour is to create an atmosphere where there is no fear, burden or restrictions of any kind. This atmosphere is conducive to preparing them mentally, associate themselves with Balodaya Programme. The gardens, swings and the attractive facilities for sports and games play an important role in toning up the atmosphere.
Once the children have adjusted themselves to the new atmosphere they are told about the programme and activities of the camp and are given necessary directions about maintaining self-discipline. Then they are divided into groups of 20 each, which take part in various activities. Each group has two guides, a school teacher and two Balodaya workers, who try to satisfy the curiosity of the children and provide guidance where needed.
The programme in the camp is based on the principle of exposing children a conducive environment in a way that arouses curiosity in the young minds, and when curiosity has been aroused it should be satisfied in a natural and convenient manner.
This principle is different from the present methods of teaching in schools which arouse a sense of fear and burden in the mind of young children and which do not take into account the child’s aptitude or inaptitude for learning something. In modern schools, predetermined information is passed on to children without ascertaining their aptitude or arousing curiosity in them with the sold objective that they should clear the examination ad get a good ranking. More or less, the parents also do not expect anything more from the present school education system. But this one-sided effort is not sufficient for the all-round development of a child.

Under the Balodaya Programme more than 50 special rooms, galleries, caves, etc. have been set up. For  details - click here...




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