Anuvrat Balodaya
Balodaya Model of Education

A New Experiment in the Field of Education

Anuvrat Balodaya is a programme based on child psychology that orients a child towards nonviolence and peace by bringing about behavioural changes in his personality. It does not teach through traditional methods of school education. It endeavours to make use of various child-oriented activities to establish a rapport with the child and provides an environment where it feels at home. Balodaya Programme incorporates the principles of Anuvrat and Jivan Vigyan (Science of Living) and is a creative effort to instil the culture of non-violence and peace in the heart and mind of a child.

Acharya Tulsi, the founder of the Anuvrat Movement, believed that the making of a nation depended on the all-round development of children. He thought that a nation which did not have any programme for the proper development of its children could never be a strong nation. Inspired by Acharya Tulsi, the well-known follower of Gandhian principles and the initiator of children’s cultural movement, Shri Mohan Lal Jain started working on the Balodaya project with the establishment of Anuvibha. It was his vision that enabled him to transform a deserted hillock into a children’s paradise. Today, it is no less than a lighthouse for the transformation of new generations. Recently, he has been honoured with the highest award of the country, Rajiv Gandhi Seva Puraskar in recognition of his unique services towards child welfare and development.

Acharya Mahapragya, a great thinker and man of highest spiritual order thinks that the primary need of the modern age is to train every individual in nonviolence using the methods of Jivan Vigyan (Science of Living) and Preksha Dhyan for an effective transformation of the society. Science of Living and Preksha Dhyan are at the basis of Balodaya Programme. It is a complete course geared to the emotional and spiritual transformation of a child. The Balodaya Programme gains special significance in the perspective of “The Decade (2001-2010) of the Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World” declared by the UNO. All the activities of Balodaya are focused on this objective.

Balodaya does not believe in imposing knowledge on children, it rather tries to instil it into their hears. The principle that Balodaya follows is: “presentation in a conducive environment, curiosity through presentation, and satisfaction of curiosity.” The principle, based on child psychology, attracts children naturally, enables them to adapt mentally, and becomes a forceful medium to inspire them to take to peace, non-violence, ethics and good conduct. To achieve these objectives, several museum corners have been set up at the Global Peace Palace.


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